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Past Events

Friday. May 3, 2019

@ The Fort Worth Botanic Gardens (FWBG) Lecture Hall “Baking Goes Rogue”  a fun evening of chemistry and “delightfully wicked” obsessive baking 6.15 – 7.25 pm Reception in the FWBG Lecture Hall Lobby with“Breaking Bad With Bread”, a talk on the Chemistry of Baking by Hao Tran (Hao and Dixya) and Trent Shaskan, of The Table and Baylor Professor & Alcon Scientist Dr. Paul Zinke Followed at 7.30p by attendance at the World Premiere Opera

by Rachel T. Peters
Produced by the Fort Worth Opera
Registration Includes the Reception and a Ticket to “Companionship”
*In addition to a description of the Opera, this link has ticket sales prices. Tickets are included in the ACSDFW Registration!
next ACSDFW Local Section will be a Dinner Meeting/Webinar on Thursday, February 21, 2019 @ TCC South Campus.
Kirk Hunter, Member of the ACS Committee on Chemical Safety, will present an ACS sanctioned talk, ‘Chemical Lab Safety: What Can you Do?’
Schedule for the On-site event will be 6p – 7p Social Hour, 7p – 8p Dinner, 8p-9p. Registration will Open on 2/4/19.
IMPORTANT! In addition to the on-site venue @ TCC-South, Mr. Hunter’s talk will be broadcast as a Webinar. To participate in the program via the internet, e- your name and institution to ACSDFW LS 2019 Chair, info@acsdfw.org and CC DFWchemists@gmail.com. Your site can host a gathering, a dinner meeting, or just the Webinar – whatever you choose.
Deadline to sign up to host the Webinar is this Friday, Feb. 1, 2019.
Questions? Contact Chair Dr. Denise Merkle atdmerkle@sciconsult.com
Questions? Contact 2018 Chair-Elect Denise Merkle, dmerkle@sciconsult.com, and CC DFWchemists@gmail.com.