Chemists Celebrate Earth Week April 18-24, 2021

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The Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Local Section of the American Chemical
Society Celebrates Earth Week virtually
DATE: April 23, 2021 TIME: 6:30 pm
Our virtual event on April 23th will feature Dr. Carie King’s presentation
“Disseminating Scientific Findings to a Non-Scientific Audience”. Dr. Carie King is
a Clinical Professor and Associate Director of Rhetoric at the University of Texas
at Dallas.
Zoom link for presentation :

Disseminating Scientific Findings to a Non-Scientific Audience

Sharing science with the general public is a challenge: You know the topic so well, but your audience may not know your research or understand the technical side of your content. Science communication requires strong storytelling skills that engage the audience—whether in writing or via an oral presentation. But with some simple planning and analysis and practice, you can share your story and engage your audience. I look forward to sharing tips on how to relay scientific information in written texts, social media, and video.